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How it all started

My Project is a progressive/symphonic metal band from Czech Republic formed by Šimon Greško in 2011. The music focuses on progressive melodies combined with an orchestra. The vocals combines rock and opera and lyrics focuses on inner desires as well as glorious adventures and myths. During live show a lot of special effects are used (especially pyro) to emhasize the dynamic of music.

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Second studio album; first one with recorded band and orchestra.



1. Atlantis
2. Insanity
3. War to come
4. Valkýra
5. March of Shadow
6. Within Us
7. Devil’s Kin
Instrumental studio album; released as a sole project of Šimon Greško with guests.

1. Darkworld
2. The Top of the Evening
3. Back and Forth
4. Ancient Energy
5. Slow Frequency
6. Surface Tension
7. Power Storm
8. In the Dream
9. Questions of Echo
10. Universe of Sounds
Bonus: Slow Frequecy (ft. Daniela Vašková)