After years of preparations and writing and re-writing music, lyrics we are releasing album “War to Come”. The album combines features of classical music with progressive rock and metal.

“War to Come” is a name of one of the songs on the album, dedicated to Mr. Jan Hus, who was Czech priest, Church reformer and a key figure in protestant movement called Hussitism that later resulted in Hussite Wars. He was burned at the stake in 1415, yet the concept of his sermons survived till today. This song inspired us to make a conceptual album that combines similar topics of reformation, inner beliefs, fantastic stories and saying goodbye to things that no longer are. Songs are musically connected as well with progressive features, orchestra, sharp riffs, and versatile male and female vocals. 

The artwork portrays chessboard with white queen and black king. This theme symbolizes the topic of an combat as well as it mentions founding members of My Project, authors of music and lyrics, Kamila and Šimon. In the booklet you may find that every member has different chess figure. In contrast with the album, youtube video features colored pictures that supports stories told by the lyrics. The pictures were made with help of an AI technology.


  • 01. Atlantis

  • 02. Insanity

  • 03. War to Come

  • 04. Valkýra

  • 05. March of Shadow

  • 06. Within Us

  • 07. Devil’s Kin

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